Safety and Hygiene is of prime importance when Face Painting.  All paints and glitters used are professional

products designed solely for use on skin.

All products have been purchased from reputable and long established theatrical manufacturers/wholsalers.


All products meet EU Health and Safety Standards.


All equipment is kept scrupulously clean.


A clean sponge is used per person to avoid cross contamination.

The brush water is changed regularly


Children must have permission to be painted and accompanied by an adult and will remain the responsibility of the parent guardian or host of the party.


If a child has an irritable skin condition it is not recommended they get their face painted.

Some individuals, particulary children and those with sensitive skin, will occasionally develop an allergy to the face paint.

Athough this is very rare if you feel you child might be susceptible, please discuss this with the facepainter before painting.  It is always possible to do a patch test on the hand to be on the safe side.


Face paint can be removed with warm water, a little soap and a soft cloth.  Baby wipes can also work well.


Susie and her team can provide an enhanced C.R.B disclosure and has full public liability insurance on request.